Jeep Avenger EV Specs

Battery Size




Time To Charge

7hrs 18mins

Socket Type

Type 2

V2G Compatible?


How long does it take to charge the Jeep Avenger ?

There are a few factors that influence how quickly you can charge your electric car including the type and availability of charging infrastructure, the battery capacity of the car, the temperature of the battery, and the state of charge of the battery. Some EVs charge more slowly when you have reached 80% of the maximum capacity. However, we can work out the approximate charging speed for this electric car.

How much does it cost to charge the Jeep Avenger ?

By switching to an EV tariff you can make use of cheaper electricity at off peak rates. You can optimise you charging with a home EV charger so that you only charge when its cheapest and take advantage of solar and wind energy if you have them available. Here is a comparison of how much you could save on a full charge. 

Popular EV Tariffs

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Green Energy UK Sparkling
Intelligent Octopus Go
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SO Energy So Flexible Variable
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Jeep Avenger Compatible Chargers


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