EV Charger Installation Bristol

Find a local EV Charger installer in Bristol. From nationwide installers to local companies installing electric car chargers in Bristol you can compare from our list below. All of the installers listed will be OLEV approved installers for your piece of mind. So simply pick an installer and start your home charging installation today!

FEATURED EV CHARGER Installers Bristol

wdt_ID Image Installer Area Covered OZEV Approved Website
93 Smart Home Charge Nationwide (inc. Bristol) Yes
94 David Fear Electrical Bristol Yes
95 Selfcharge Bristol, Bath & South Yes
96 South Wales EV Bristol & South Wales Yes
97 DTE Contractors Bristol Yes
98 Home Safe Electrical Bristol Yes
99 Burridge Electrical Bristol & South West Yes
100 Redbridge & Sons Bristol Yes
101 JTD Group Bristol & South West Yes
102 Allied Electrical Bristol & Bath Yes
103 DEV Installations Bristol & South West Yes
104 LA Electrical Services Bristol & Surrounding Yes
105 Astra Bristol & South West Yes
106 CW Electrical Bristol Yes
107 MJP Electrical Bristol & Bath Yes
108 Source Electrical Bristol & Weston Yes
109 Pro EV Nationwide (inc. Bristol) Yes


If you are looking for a local installer for a home charging point for your electric car in Bristol then you have come to the right place.

We find and compare installers that cover your area so you can choose easily which one suits you. Whats more this is completely free! No accounts or registration needed simply select your installer and off you go.


So you have found the charger you want and now just have to select the charger. But where to start?


We recommend making sure your installer is OZEV approved. This is particularly important if you ware eligible for the government grant as your installer will need to be OZEV approved for you to be able to claim this.

We checked that all installers are OZEV approved before listing them on EV Compared. However, we recommend you double check (in case things change since listing) which you can do at the government website below


Any fully qualified electrician can install a charger but we recommend looking for an experienced EV charger installer in your area rather than a general electrician.

Under no circumstances should you attempt to install a charger if you are not a qualified electrician.


Before placing an order with your installer, checking thier reviews on trustpilot or similar sites is a great way to get a feel of thier service. This can be harder with smaller installers but can be very useful to get an idea of

  • The installer process
  • Customer Service
  • General Customer Feedback
  • Images of completed installs

We don’t review specific installers at the moment but if we get consistent poor feedback about installers then we will not list them.


The Andersen A2 would look good anywhere, with its sleek, simple, and inoffensive design. It comes in a variety of colours as well as the ability to choose to replace the traditional metal front panel with a more interesting (and expensive) Accoya wood panel.

To add-on the wood panel is a further £200 – you can choose from either Cotswold Oak, Sorong Teak, French Walnut, or Charcoal. However, you can still customise the A2 without shelling out the extra cash.

If you don’t feel like paying more for wood panelling (or just don’t like how it looks), there are still many standard colours to choose from that will suit the style of your home.

Customers can choose from Nearly Black, Steel, Malmo Blue, Ruby, Southbank Grey, Stanton Green, Laurac Sand, and Putty Stone for the front and back panels of your device.


Make sure that you are able to get the charger you want. We recommend choosing your charger first and then finding an installer who stocks that specific charger. You will find that some installers will do a small selection of EV charging points which tend to be the more popular on the market. So comparing multiple companies that install EV chargers can be a great way of finding OLEV approved chargers as well as saving on the installation cost.

You can Compare EV Chargers using our simple tool to pick the best one for your electric vehicle charging at home or in the workplace.


Yes, but it can be a bit harder to find the right one. If you already have a charger and are looking for someone to install it then some of the providers listed provide an installation only service.

We do recommend buying the charger from your installer as you tend to get a better price overall and you can be sure your installer is experienced with installing that charger.


Charging station installation time varies based on the complexity of the of the charge point and how much work is needed on your property. Installers will usually carry out a survey of your property, either virtually or via a site visit to determine if any additional works are required. This also includes checking your supply and what ampage your current fuse is. They can also ensure you have any CT clamps installed if your property has (or will have) solar panels.

From here they will be able to quote the full cost of the install (rather than the ‘from’ price you will see on site) and also give an approximate timeframe for the installation process.

We find the that average lead time for a car charger to be ordered and then installed is around 3-4 weeks. This can, however, vary greatly so be sure to check which ev charger installers can install within a timeframe you are comfortable.

Its worth noting also that the delivery times for an EV chargepoint can be a matter of days. So check the installation time not just charger delivery to ensure you are not disappointed.

Electric car charger installations can take anywhere from 2 hours to 5 hours, again depending on the level of works required.

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