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Ohme ePod Reviews, Specs & Installation Prices

The Ohme ePod is the latest charger from british based manufacturer Ohme as a follow up to the popular small charger the Ohme home pro. As with the home pro, the ePod is a small charger and is ideal for tariff integration, particularly with Octopus’ Agile & Intelligent tariffs. The main differences between the ePod and the Home Pro are the removal of the LCD display and the ePod is only an untethered unit.

Ohme ePod Quick Specs




230mm x 140mm x 100mm

Solar Compatibility



Untethered – Type 1 or Type 2





Tariff Optimised


V2G Compatibility


Price inc. Standard Installation

From £949 or £28.86 p/m inc. installation


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Ohme ePod FAQS

The ePod has an untethered socket and is compatible with both type 1 & type 2 electric cars.

No, the Ohme ePod does not require an earth rod to be installed. It has in-built earthing as standard.

The main differences include the difference in tethering (home pro is tethered only) and the removal of the display screen. 

Both chargers are compact on the wall but the ePod is slightly smaller as it does not have the cable attached. 

The charging speed of the ePod is 7kW which equates to 25 miles per hour charged at max speed.

No, the Ohme ePod does not currently integrate with solar panels as a ‘Solar Charger’, it can still be used in conjunction with solar panels without smart features. 

Yes, the Ohme ePod does feature tariff integration and is a popular choice to be used with Octopus energy’s EV Tariffs.

Ohme ePod EV Charger Review

Ohme ePod Specifications

Power Output / Charging Rate

The ePod has a 7KW power output rate.

This basically refers to how fast it can charge your car. A 7KW rate will add around 25 mph of power to your vehicle, which is plenty for most people. This rate can vary slightly depending on the specific vehicle.

The ePod currently does not have a 22KW option.


Connector Type

The Ohme ePod charger is untethered. This means that it doesn’t have a permanently attached cable, which has a number of pros and cons.

The charger has a universal port, so both type 1 and type 2 cables can be used. This is one of the major differences from its predecessor the tethered charger the Ohme Home Pro.



The Ohme ePod is a compact design made to blend in with its surroundings utilising a sleek and modern design.

The full dimensions of the charger in mm are H230 x W140 x D100. This compact format means it doesn’t take up that much space in your garage or driveway, and allows it to be easily hidden when not in use. It is one of the smaller chargers on the market and we class it as a ‘Compact Charger’



Visually, the ePod is designed to be unobtrusive and appealing, letting it blend with your existing decor. 

It aims to be a functional device while also not creating an eyesore within your home. This can be especially important if you plan to install the charger in your driveway, which is often clearly visible from the street.

The device is weatherproof, suitable for use outdoors without full shelter. It has an IP55 rating for water ingress.

Its materials are durable, meaning it can withstand a fair beating before breaking. This is especially important when you’re spending so much money on a device.

The charger doesn’t have any colour options and is only available in plain black.



The smart charger comes with a built-in 3g / 4g mobile signal using a SIM card that allows it to connect to the Ohme Data Centre. This means it doesn’t require a connection to your home’s WiFi to work.

The main benefit of this is that you can place the charger anywhere on your property without worrying about its proximity to your WiFi router.

The downside, however, is that if you live in a place with a poor mobile signal, you may have issues with the device. This is most impactful in very rural areas. Generally, if your phone struggles to connect often, the Ohme charger will as well.


Earth Rod

The Ohme ePod has a PEN fault device inside, negating the need for a separate earth rod.



The device comes with a 3-year warranty, allowing you to contact Ohme for a replacement if any issues arise.


Car Compatibility

The Ohme ePod works with all electric vehicles from all major EV vehicle manufacturers, as you can use either a type 1 or type 2 cable.


Who are Ohme?

Ohme is a London-based company founded in 2017 by CEO David Watson. The company develops and manufactures smart electric vehicle chargers that are designed to be user-friendly, low-cost, and intelligent. Ohme aims to provide end-to-end electric charging solutions for customers, businesses, and energy suppliers to support the global transition to renewable energy.


Tariff Integration

One of the top features of the ePod is the integration with EV tariffs automatically. Here the ePod will automatically charge you electric car when the price on your tariff is cheapest. Using these off peak rates you can save £100s per year.

This makes this charger a great option if you are using the Agile tariff from Octopus energy.

You can find out more information and compare EV tariffs here.

Solar integration

The Ohme ePod does not currently have solar integration features. This may change via updates to the app in the future and is rumoured to be a feature coming soon. We will update our guide when we have more information on this.

You can find solar chargers here, which are designed to be used with solar panel owners.


Charge Scheduling

Alongside this tariff scheduling feature, there are a few other ways the Ohme app lets you set up your charging schedule.

You can tell it to charge during specific hours (such as when you sleep overnight) so your vehicle is always ready when you need it.

It also allows you to set a mile target. The vehicle will then charge until your car has the correct number of miles available. 

Finally, you can set a price limit. The device will charge your vehicle and monitor your total energy expenditure. Then, it will compare it to your local energy prices, and stop charging once it has reached your chosen max cost.

In short, you can prioritise cost, miles, or energy efficiency, depending on your specific needs.

App Control

The app also offers a variety of other features.

These include all the basic controls you would expect from a smart charging device, including stop, start and pause charging buttons.

It will also let you see information about your current and past charging sessions, including start and stop time, energy delivered, and estimated cost.

One of the handiest features is that the app lets you remotely monitor the status of your vehicle and energy usage without even leaving the sofa.

Load Balancing

The Ohme ePod comes with a feature called Dynamic Load Balancing.

This basically means it will monitor the electrical demand across your entire property, and adjust how much power it draws to avoid flipping your breakers. For many homes, this isn’t necessary, but it’s nice to know this safety net is in place, just in case.

If you’re in a house that constantly flips breakers when you put the kettle and laundry on at the same time, then you’ll absolutely appreciate this feature.

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