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Compare the best home EV chargers in the UK & save on your energy bills. By choosing the right charger and installer, you can save money on installation and energy costs while also reducing your carbon footprint. Our aim is to find the best electric car chargers installation costs, and EV Tariffs on the market. 

best EV chargers 2024

Compare the best Home EV Chargers

Below you can find our quick comparison of the best EV chargers on the UK market at the moment. Once you have selected the home EV charger you are looking for, simply click through to find the latest prices from installers all over the UK.


Quick EV Charger Comparison 2024

wdt_ID Image Charger Price Power Socket Type Button
110 Zappi Charger £1079 or £20.89p/m 7kW Universal or Tethered
111 Ohme ePod £949 or £28.86p/m 7kW Universal
112 EO Mini Pro 3 £1,139 or £107p/m 7.2kW or 22kW Universal
113 Wallbox Pulsar Max £969 7.4kW or 22kW Type 2 - Tethered
114 Hypervolt Home £979 7kW Type 2 - Tethered
115 Sync EV Charger £895 7.4kW Type 2
116 Easee One £895 or £18.29p/m 7.4kW Universal
117 Indra Smart Pro £1029 or £17.15p/m 7.4kW Universal or Tethered
118 Rolec Zura £1,249 7.4kW or 22kW 2 x Universal or Type2
119 Andersen A2 £1199 or £49.37p/m 7kW or 22kW Type 2 - Tethered
120 Pod Point Solo 3 £895 or £33.13p/m 3.6kW, 7kW or 22kW Universal or Tethered
121 Rolec WallPod £866 7.4kW Universal
122 Zaptec Go £995 7.4kW or 22kW Universal
123 Wallbox Pulsar Plus £849 or £17.40p/m 7.4kW Type 2
124 Project EV Pro Earth £850 7.3kW Universal
125 ICSW7C Charger Fr £830 or £15.63p/m 7.2kW Type 2
126 EO Mini Pro 2 £845 or £14.07p/m 7.2kW Universal Or Type 2
127 Ohme Home Pro £845 or £26p/m 7kW Type 2 - Tethered

How to find the right charger for you

How to pick the best eV Charger & Find an Installer

Compare EV Chargers

Compare the best electric car chargers currently available in the UK. Read our reviews as well as user reviews to pick which charger is right for your charging needs.

Whether you are looking for the fastest charger or want to link your charger to your solar or even wind power we have got you covered. We constantly update our data to bring you the best chargers.

Find an installer

Now you have found the EV charger you are looking for you will need to find a charge point installer. We regularly check prices to bring you the best deals across the UK, completely free!

You can search by charger or compare EV charger installers in your local area in minutes and save money on your home charger installation.

Compare EV Tariffs

With the current energy prices spiralling, and electric cars being a large user of energy, making sure you are on the best energy tariff for your lifestyle has never been more important.

Compare EV tariffs designed specifically for electric car users to find the best off-peak prices to potentially save £100s per year

Local InstallerS

Find a Local eV Installer

Perfer to get a local qualified installer? Find a home charger installer near you and get your installation booked in today. We are constantly adding new areas and installers from across the UK. So if you don’t see your location covered then message us at hello@evcompared.co.uk and we will take a look for you.

Solar Charging

Find the best Solar Chargers For Electric Cars

If you have solar panels or are considering getting them to charger your electric car we have you covered.

Read our guides to find the best solar chargers or our general solar charging guide.

Select EV chargers with solar compatibility to fully leverage your solar panels for eco-friendly vehicle charging.


The eV Charger
questions you might have

Type 1 and Type 2 refers to the type of cable which is needed to connect to your electric car.

Type 1 is generally used in the US and allows a charge speed of up to 7.4kW.

Type 2 plugs are more common in the UK and can charge up to 43kW (although usual max at home is 7.4kW on a single phase supply.

To find out which type of connector your car needs either consult your car manual or you can look through the list of electric car specs here

We compare prices for EV chargers which include installation. Prices vary by charger, with more expensive chargers having extra features such as solar compatibility or having a more attractive design.

From a charger including installation you will be looking from between £800-£2000. This can increase if your installation is non-standard and requires extra work or longer cabling to be installed.

A tethered charger has the cable built in to the charger so it is always ready for you to plug straight into your car.

Untethered has an open slot which you can plug a cable into and remove it when you are not charging. This can keep the charger looking tidy or allow you to charge with a type 1 or type 2 cable.

Some chargers like the Easee One bring both of these features together by offering a hybrid solution.

EV chargers are charging stations or electric vehicle supply equipments (EVSE) to be technical. Home EV Chargers are installed on at your house in order to maximise the speed at which you charge your electric car, as well as save you money by charging when energy prices are cheap.

You can compare EV chargers and find the right one for you with our simple comparison tool.

EV Tariffs are energy tariffs created specifically with the needs of electeric car drivers in mind. With the extra cost of charging the car it can save £100s per year to be on the best tariff by utilising off peak energy prices.

You can compare the best EV tariffs and switch to the right one for your needs on our comparison page.

We compare installers and chargers from all across the UK. With a wide range of nationwide installers as well as local charger installers we are sure you will be able to find one that works for you (and save money while booking!).

Not able to find one you want? drop us a message at hello@evcompared.co.uk and we will see what we can find on our network.

The Office for Zero Emissions Vehicles (OZEV) offered a grant for those who are eligible as an incentive to use electric vehicles instead of the classic petrol-powered cars and trucks.

To be eligible for the grant you will need to be a tenant in a rental property, be a landlord of a rental property or a flat owner. You will need to have a dedicated off street parking space for all of these.

As this rules out a large proportion of installations, we show prices which DO NOT include this grant as standard. If you meet the criteria you can save up to £350 off your installation on top of the prices shown.

The prices we show are for the charger unit and standard installation.

We show prices which DO NOT include this grant as standard. If you meet the criteria you can save up to £350 off your installation on top of the prices shown.

All of the prices shown are ‘from’ prices which show the cost of charger and installation for a standard installation. We find this covers 80-90% of EV charger installs.

However, if your property is unusual, requires extra cabling (usually over 10m) or has works such as land to be dug up then your installation can cost more. This varies by installer but you will usually receive a complete quote after a survey, at which point you can go ahead with the works or look for more quotes.